Out of the Garden

45.00 $ USD

39 Beautiful Poems by Tarin Ann Vincet
40 illustrations by Andrea Castaneda

“Out of the Garden” is a collection of poems for people who don’t like poetry and a bonus for people that do. Reading Tarin’s poetry has been described as going to a Poetry Slam, there is bold use of syncopation and rhythm in the nontraditional form that Tarin uses. Her poetry covers life experiences from the ordinary to the traumatic from the perspective of the Female View as well as current world events and trends. On occasion her perspective tends to the magical. Each poem is accompanied and enhanced by original art from Honduran artist Andrea Castaneda. This book is a journey through life and around the world. It explores profound sorrows and great joys and engages the reader through multiple senses; visually, auditorily and cognitively appealing to the imagination and to the heart. “Out of the Garden” is a profound experience that will leave the reader craving more.


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