Andrea specializes in hand painting. She creates all kinds of murals, signage, wall designs, for different places, such as offices, apartments, restaurants, schools and other buildings or spaces for events. She paints everything in any size on different types of surfaces. She creates a custom design based on your personal preferences or render your desired sketch.

1. 2018, City Mall (City walls), San Pedro Sula Honduras.

If you are interested in a Mural messege me I will be answering you and we will be talking about details.

Andrea Responds immediately:

2. 2018-2019, Off the hook-Roatan, Honduras.

This painting was made for the memorial of three loved persons who lived in Roatan. That we will miss a lot.

3. 2019,Drunken sailor restaurant, Roatan Honduras.

4. 2019, Happy Harry’s hideaway restaurant, Roatan Honduras.

5. 2019,Ocean connection dive shop, Roatan Honduras.