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The path of doing art is not easy, but it is full of satisfactions and sacrifices. I recognize my mistakes and I feel I have no limitations when is about my art, I am inspired by flowers, roses, landscapes, warm colors and mixing different painting techniques. Something that inspires me are my life experiences. The experiences, the people, the places, the anecdotes that I have lived and learned in my life, good and bad. I have learned from them and have been inspired to be a better person to create beauty and strength.
    I believe my work could add some great inspiration, and I think you will enjoy seeing some beautiful artwork produced from the mind of a survivor of a bleak land. My artwork shows the faces of ageless struggle and combines the natural animal world to portray a vision of serenity, peace, and reflection.

New beach paintings arrival

Be the best you can be, just keep on working

Never stop, and you will make all your dreams come true.

Fight for your beliefs and for yourself.

Because you are a winner.

Andrea Castaneda

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